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So what is vaFIX?

FIX is a quick and simple property management maintenance program, designed by Property Managers for Property Managers.

FIX is an online platform and mobile app which allows tenants, landlords, property managers and tradespeople to request and review maintenance items 24/7 and receive live updates from the palm of their hand.

FIX is unlike any system in the marketplace. It is not just an ordering platform, FIX focuses on finding solutions and fixes the real issues.

Agencies onboard

How FIX can benefit your business

Client Rentention

Client Retention

342% increase in client retention in just 12 months.

Staff Rentention

Staff Retention

In an industry famous for high turnover, FIX helped contribute to an 86.5% increase in staff retention.

Reduction of Emails

Reduction of Emails

Email traffic reduced by 73.3%.

Time Saved

Time Saved

90 hours saved per week at 1,000 properties

We're currently integrated with these companies

Virtual Agent and FIX are proudly independent and look forward to discussing our solutions with you.

  • REST
  • Console
  • PropertyME
  • RPOffice
  • PropertyTree
  • Xero
  • Filesmart
  • Aroflo

Join some of our happy agencies that are onboard!

  • McCormack Barber Real Estate
  • McConnell Bourn Real Estate
  • Cunninghams Real Estate
  • Callagher Real Estate
  • Toop&Toop Real Estate

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