August Release Notes

We've been busy making changes!
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by Virtual Agent

on August 1, 2018

Welcome to the August Release Note for FIX!

Thanks so much for your feedback and ideas - we've loved hearing from you!

Here's what's new in FIX this month!

Jobs / Workorders

1. Looking to resend or download a workorder? Now you can from Dashboard view as well! You'll see this option in the history panel on the right hand side of the job window.

2. Send Quotes to New Suppliers easily. You can now specify a casual or new supplier to send quotes to when changing the workorder to Get Quotes.


1. Invoices Header. Brought to you by popular demand, the large number in the Invoices Header on the Dashboard now only includes invoices received and invoices queried. We have removed "Invoices pending for over 21 days" from this number, as we realised as PMs you have little control over how quickly suppliers send out invoices. So we want to take this off your plate! You can still see these pending items using the "Filter by" option..

2. Tidy up! The new Processed tab tidies up the Invoices area and keeps processed invoices out of your main Invoices list. We want to keep the Dashboard to just those things you need to action, without the clutter!

Good to know

1. If you use the EDGE browser (this is the latest Windows 10 browser), please note that the current latest version 42.17134.1.0 has a couple of bugs which causes some of the menus in FIX to be hidden. We have advised Microsoft of this and they are onto it (on 'ya Bill!). In the meantime, we suggest using an alternative browser, such as Chrome, until Microsoft patch this in the next update.

2. Haven't started using FIX 2.0 yet? It has lots of features that make your job as a PM much easier – like the 'Add A Request' feature which allows you to add multiple jobs for one property very quickly - great when returning from periodic inspections.

3. Single Sign-On is now available to our clients that Integrate with Office 365 / Azure Active Directory. Woo hoo! If you would like to integrate FIX into your Single Sign-On process, please chat to us and we can talk you through how this works.

Have Your Say

FIX is here to make your life as a Property Manager easier. We'd love to chat about your first hand experiences, and hear any ideas you have - so feel free to drop any of us an email if you have something in mind.

We'd love to hear from you.

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